YJ Choe

Research Scientist at Kakao
PhD Student (on leave) at Carnegie Mellon University

I worked as a course assistant for the following courses.

Carnegie Mellon University

Statistical Machine Learning II
Instructor: Max G'Sell
46-927, Fall 2016

Introduction to Probability Modeling
Instructor: Sivaraman Balakrishnan
36-410, Spring 2016 Course Page

Statistical Computing
Instructor: Ryan Tibshirani
36-350, Fall 2015 Course Page

University of Chicago

Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis
Instructor: John Lafferty
CMSC 25025 / STAT 37601, Spring 2015 Course Syllabus

Foundations of Computational Data Analysis
Instructor: Amitabh Chaudhary
MPCS 53110, Winter 2015

Calculus I-II-III
Instructor: Asilata Bapat
MATH 15100-15200-15300, Fall 2012-Winter 2013-Spring 2013

(At UChicago, I also worked as a grader in introductory computer science and statistics courses.)